Take charge of your data with a hybrid web3 data management platform

Personalize your data

MOI Bit is a web3 platform that provides adaptive data management through private clusters on public infrastructure. By using blockchains and advanced cryptography, enterprise users can own and control their data, network, cloud, and applications.

Take back control over security, privacy, compliance, and auditability at the granular file level with MOI Bit.

25 TB

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Your data, managed your way

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Ensure unparalleled data uptime and availability

Enjoy the reliability of P2P networks while having the flexibility to customize node parameters, including location, size, and encryption levels, to meet your specific data management requirements.

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Protect your valuable data with robust security

Safeguard your data with customizable sharding and replication options, implemented at first contact with a network node, for superior protection against data loss, corruption, or theft.

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Establish data provenance and traceability

Track system access and establish data lineage with cryptographic proof-of-interaction, with the option to select your desired ledger for data provenance.

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Gain peace of mind with verifiable compliance

Receive cryptographic assurance for data storage with proof-of-storage, and ensure verifiable compliance with GDPR data erasure requirements using DHTs (distributed hash tables)

Trusted by industry leaders for 6 years

Unlock secure and efficient data management

Zero-Knowledge interactions

MOI Bit uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify and authenticate users without storing passwords.

Context-Aware storage

Personalize your storage network state management with MOI Bit's in-line cryptographic proofs.

Decentralized meta management

Decentralized file system for content addressed storage with encrypted metadata and CRUD operations.

On demand private network

Build dynamic networks using physical nodes, cloud VMs, and devices with libp2p nodes like laptops and phones.

Optimal performance

Accelerate data access times with in-memory access to metadata for speedy data reads and higher performance.

Decentralized backup

Ensure high availability with dynamic cluster distribution management and asynchronous remote pinning.

Granular encryption levels

Choose from various file-specific or project wide encryption options at different levels: network, developer, end-user, custom-key, end-to-end, or no encryption.